Restoration in Christ Church
Ministry Team
Fr. Richard Hill, Host, "Joy of the Lord" TV Show

- Head of Ministries, R.I.C. Church
- Old Catholic ArchBishop
- Baptist Minister
- Full Gospel Evangelist

For more than 30 years, Fr. Hill has been part of the                
&                         movements. The Lord has used him to start more than 100 ministries.

Christian Coffield, Assistant to the Minister

- Sonshine Gospel Sing-A-Long Nuring Home, Music Minister
- "Joy of the Lord" TV Show, Music Director

Shirley Glasgow, Outreach Minister (Deceased)

For more than 35 years, Shirley provided food and goods to those in need.

Sr. Paula Pemberton-Hill

- Producer, "Joy of the Lord" TV Show
- Deacon, R.I.C. Church
Lois Jacobs

- Producer, "Joy of the Lord" TV Show
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