Restoration in Christ Church
Ministry Team
Fr. Richard Hill, Host "Joy of the Lord" TV Show

- Head of Ministries, R.I.C. Church
- Old Catholic ArchBishop
- Baptist Minister
- Full Gospel Evangelist

For more than 25 years, Fr. Hill has been part of the                
&                         movements. The Lord started more than 100 ministries through this group.

Christian Coffield, Assistant to the Minister

- Sonshine Gospel Sing-A-Long Nursing Home Music Ministry
- "Joy of the Lord" TV Show Music Director

Shirley Glasgow, Outreach Minister (Deceased)

For more than 35 years, Shirley has been providing food and goods to those in need.

Sr. Paula Pemberton-Hill

- Producer, "Joy of the Lord" TV Show
- Deacon, R.I.C. Church
Lois Jacobs

- Producer, "Joy of the Lord" TV Show
- Leader of Woman's Ministry, R.I.C. Church
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